Who We aRe

A Media Company/Sportainment Studio, based on the development of Intellectual Properties on “Beyond the Game” content of athletes, former athletes, federations, clubs and personalities, driven by a powerful brand, recognized for a strong inspirational aspect that combines sport with other entertainment disciplines (music, e-sports, lifestyle, arts, statics, etc).

wHat wE do

The focus of FEEL THE MATCH is the construction at scale of long-term intellectual properties linked to sport, especially football. In the wake of the growth of streaming service catalogs, it has become the main partner for the development of “Original Content” products and businesses in Latin America. Created in 2021, the world’s first series about Romário’s life is already in production and is distributed by HBO Max/Warner, with launch scheduled for 2022. We believe that Intellectual Properties hold great potential within the new frontiers of the decentralized digital economy, being economic assets that can be exploited in a new commercial way, involving different types of financiers, from the most traditional models to modalities. as tokenization of rights with fans and the general public. Our products feature broad and multiple asset creation by projects, using new blockchain technologies to expand revenue and value generation capacity.


It is a new format for the exploitation of image rights that refer to audiovisual products under three simultaneous characteristics:

Non-live content
More than 10 minutes long
Native release on on-demand platforms

financing SourcEs

  • Equity
  • Advance Sale of Intellectual Property 
  • Advance Sale of Product Distribution 
  • Advance Sale of Economic Rights 
  • Funds


Feel The Match is setting up two strategic funds:



(for the acquisition and extension of sporting rights to “Original Content”)

Fixed Income High Yield



(for the acquisition and extension of sporting rights to “Original Content”)

Variable Income on Asset Equity